Core Value

img_03321-400x320“Whale Logistics” is another alternative provider which is an expert in providing logistics services. However, we have been not famous as a logistics provider and the ability of expansion covering in the industry of automotive, manufacturing, import, export, transport and other logistics.

 “Whale Logistics” obviously focuses on the appropriate operation and quality of work. A profound relationship with our teams help us in effective communication, successful problem solving, strong work ethics, the professional operations management and serving all customers at a fair price.

In the company structure, we managed it with shorter, more flexible and adaptable to the requirements of each customer. The main issue is to plan the modernization of its location, the facilities of its location, skills, and work experiences, and the challenges of a team working.

Our capabilities cover the management of the warehouse, truck transportation, goods moving, goods packaging, storage yard, and the construction in which we are increasing the knowledge and capabilities of the company, and human resource as well.